Hello everyone

I’ve been a Techno and Hard Techno DJ since 1998, introduced in Spiral tribe’s Music by DJ Bad Bones.

I participated actively in free party movement from 1997 to 2002, until some bad things occurred, Some stuff have taken more place than music.

– People didn’t take care of places where Rave Party happened (rubbish, fields, equipments),
– French government set up some laws to annihilate the underground techno movement without taking care of the culture,
– Underground techno music became repetitive, poor, without creation and new patterns, using and abuse samples of films,
– … and so much more …

To do well in life you need depth and ability to select your own problems and to think independently.

The teknival of Marcillac-Vallon happened in 2001 and this was when I discovered a techno style from an other world, an other planet : Acid and Industrial Hard-Core.
That was in front of the Izif Sound System when I heard a sound that got deep inside in my womb.
A deep sound with strong feelings, industrial, metallic, intoxicating, violent, like the pure reflect of this society…